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About Jorge

Jorge has been working as a travel consultant, advisor and travel agent for the past 20 years. His extensive knowledge of Cuba, coupled with his flexible approach and natural adaptability have led him to fulfill a whole range of services: travel agent, tour guide, full time tour guide-driver-facilitator to a wide variety of visitors from all Continents, including group tours of up to 34 travellers.

Cuban Local Operator

Jorge has worked with some of the most reputed travel agencies outside of Cuba, which while not being able to register their business in Cuba have needed to count on Local Operators such as Jorge - eg,,,,, to name but a few!

When required, Jorge is happy to work as a Local Operator. Upon contact from a travel agency, Jorge simply needs to know what the clients are looking for and he will produce a tailor-made personalized itinerary, make all necessary arrangements, bookings and reservations in advance of their arrival in Cuba. Jorge can also provide part/fully guided services subject to prior arrangements.

Jorge's Quotes and Fees

Jorge's deep knowledge of Cuba enables him to suggest itineraries and offer recommendations to suit all kinds of budgets.


Over the years, Jorge has also developed his own loyal clientele, mainly from the USA, Canada, the UK and Australia. You can read some of the references written by travellers who have used Jorge Cuba Holidayss or contact Please contact Jorge for more references and answers to specific questions you may have.

Independently, Jorge is also referenced by many travellers in Trip Advisor.

Booking your Holiday via Jorge

Jorge offers a flexible service and he is happy to offer all or part of the following services:

  • Liaising directly with you to help you plan your holiday in Cuba and deciding what to see and what to do
  • Making all the arrangements and bookings - or just part of them if you prefer
  • Liaising with your travel agent in your country.

Jorge's Services

For some services (eg hotels, car rentals, etc) Jorge partners with the necessary agencies (legally registered in Cuba) to provide you with all arrangements and bookings you desire. Such contacts allow Jorge to provide services not only from the private sector but from the official one as well.

Jorge also manages a reliable group of experienced Tour Guides all over Cuba. This means that your bookings and confirmed tours with Jorge's team are always delivered even if Jorge is unavailable to guide you personally - all guides contracted by Jorge have the same high standards as Jorge and use Jorge's recommendations and prepared itinerary.

Your Bespoke Holiday in Cuba!

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