Why choose Cuba for your holiday?

The largest of the Caribbean islands, Cuba is a land of great beauty, of incredibly rich history and traditions, with a wonderful cultural heritage and a vibrant atmosphere!

Whether you are seeking fine sand beaches, are in search of history and culture or are looking for an interesting holiday destination, Cuba will not disappoint you - Cuba has it all!

But beyond the beauty of the land and its climate, is the amazing spirit of its people: joyful despite all adversities, resourceful survivors and improvisors as well as artists, they have kept their country going against all odds, making Cuba the unique and fascinating nation it is!

About Cuba

  • What time is it in Cuba?
    Cuba is on GMT - 5 hours
  • What is the best time for visiting Cuba?
    Cuba enjoys a wonderful, warm climate most of the year. If you can be flexible about the planning of your trip, the best time to visit Cuba is from January to May, when it is warm but not crowded.
    More information about the weather in Cuba
  • Flight times
    * London/Paris to Havana: approximately 10 hours
    * New York to Havana: under 3 hours
    * Vancouver to Havana: 6 hours
    * Sidney to Havana: 19 hours
  • Money in Cuba
    Two currencies circulate throughout Cuba:
    * Cuban Convertible pesos (CUC) - widely used by tourists.
    * Cuban Pesos (CUP) - mostly used by Cubans, also called 'Moneda Nacional'(MN).
    More practical information about money in Cuba
  • Some useful Websites about Cuba
    * www.frommers.com/destinations/cuba

Why choose Jorge Cuba Holidays?

With 18 years' experience as a travel consultant, tour guide, driver and facilitator to a wide variety of visitors from all countries and continents combined with an extensive knowledge of his country and a deep passion for his work, Jorge is able to provide a first-class fully customised service that will take care of every aspect of your holiday in Cuba:

  • Full advice for planning your itinerary based on your personal tastes and preferences and your budget.
  • Hotels and Casa (B & B) recommendations, reservations and bookings for any to all aspects of your holiday.
  • Car hire as required - with or without a driver or driver-guide.
  • Guiding services for your chosen tours and visits.
    All guides contracted by Jorge are reliable English-speaking College Graduates. Confirmed tours are always honoured.
  • Airport 'Meet and Greet' option available upon request.
  • Attention to any special or specific requirements you may have.

Bookings Logistics

Jorge is also able to liaise with travel agents outside of Cuba, which allows you the flexibility to arrange a package entirely tailored to your specific requirements: this is a unique aspect of Jorge's service which gives you the confidence of booking your flights through a travel agency from your country of residence while ensuring that your needs will be met with absolute efficiency by a native Cuban Operator with many years of experience, local knowledge and valuable contacts, once you arrive in Cuba.

Jorge is happy to provide any of these services for individual travellers as well as for group tours.

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Your Bespoke Holiday in Cuba!

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